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The production of roses has been flourinshing in our company since 1991. Growing these noble plants is not just a job – it is a passion and a way of life.

On the beginning rose bushes were sold as bare root rosa. To this day part of the production is sold in this way. Product to which we pay the most attention now is pot rosa. We are focused on selling licence roses in pots but we sell free licence roses too. You will also find historical roses in our place.

We have licence to product roses that breeders as Noack, Kordes, Tantau, Martin Vissers and Łukasz Rojewski. Roses of all these growers are characterized by remarkable health, high quality of growth and beautiful flowers. The average production quantity is half a million a year. Our roses are budded on two types of rootstocks, namely Laxa Kanina and Multiflora.

We make every effort, we observe how which roses behave on all types of rootstock so that the customer receives a product of the highest possible quality. The two main forms of sale are roses with short growth and with flowers, the size of the pot is C2, C3 and C5 but it is also possible to choose the size individually for the customer. We plant roses in colorful pots on request. We send pots on wooden stands that are ideal for ready installation in the store.

Od 2017 roku zajmujemy się sprzedażą internetową poprzez nasz sklep. Również od 2017 roku zaczęliśmy hodowle polskich odmian, aktualnie prowadzimy obserwacje i w przyszłości będziemy je wprowadzać na rynek.

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