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Roza Sobieszek

Roza Sobieszek

We have been producing and selling roses since 1991. As licence roses distributor we strive to make our plants healthy, wide celection, and affordable prices.

We have a wide offer in which each customer will find the corresponding product. We invite retail customer to our internet shop.


Kordes is one of the most famous growers of garden roses, cut roses and pot roses. Their rose varieties are introduced in over 30 countries and in many parts of the world Kordes' market share is very high. You will find roses grown by this company in many private gardens, public green spaces and botanical gardens.

Rosen Tantau is one of the largest rose production and breeding companies. They bred about 350 varieties of roses. They have a large share in the world sale of cut flowers. They have won many awards in international rose competitions. The company has about 50 sales offices around the world.

Martin Vissers is person who creates amazing varieties of roses as a hobby. His most famous roses are Paul Peter Rubens, Minerva and Sweet Blondie. Rosa Minerva was really popular in Europe, many people wanted to have it in their garden because of its fragrance. Martin Vissers with real passion and all his heart is still creating new and better varieties. His roses are receiving many awards, even though he does not need any help of experienced people in breeding.

The family company NOACK ROSEN was founded in 1953 by Werner Noack, with the beginning of rose breeding in the mid-1950s, it specialized in its own cultivation and production of garden roses. The main purpose of cultivation then, as before, was to create new varieties of roses with a very healthy leaf. Noack's roses are mainly known from the Flower Carpet series, they are ground cover roses that bloom continuously and are characterized by high health. These roses are also very bee friendly.

David Austin is a breeder of roses called English roses. In total, he created over 240 varieties. The roses it launched include mainly park and climbing roses, very often fragrant. His roses are very distinctive, they stand out from other roses breeders, he obtained such a unique effect by crossing old varieties with modern ones. He also wrote several books about roses.
Historical Roses is a group of roses that includes the oldest species of rose bushes. The group includes the breeds and species of roses that arose before 1867, as well as younger varieties with similar morphological features. The oldest historical roses were cultivated in antiquity. Historical roses have three main colors with a wide range of shades: white, pink and red. The other colors are very rare. The intensity of the colors may vary and depends on the external conditions and the development of the bud.
Łukasz Rojewski is a Polish rose breeder. For the last decade, he has been using wild roses and related hybrids in breeding. As a result, he obtained a series of "Heavy Beauty Roses", ie durable varieties, ready to cope with difficult places. They grow where other varieties tire.

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